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Obesicorp Marketing and Research is not new, but it's no surprise that you may not have heard of us.  We have been consulting in a diversified set of industries that have traditionally depended on the type of statistical data we can provide in order to reach their target market. 

As the population grows, so does the number of smaller businesses. Small business is the backbone of the American economy, so we want to reach out to an even more diverse clientele than we have already experienced working with for almost 20 years. 

We don't consider it a challenge to find new industries that may benefit from our extensive work with a subject so specific, yet so interconnected with literally everything in our world, and of course, our economy.  It would be a challenge for us to turn down opportunities to work with people who never thought they could use our invaluable data, but end up glad that they did.

We aren't experts at everything, we just work very hard to remain on the cutting edge of new research and technology as it is released when it pertains to our main subject of expertise.  There is almost no limit to how the data we have collected may help you grow your business and maintain a level of information architecture that allows managers and leaders to succeed in the present, and anticipate potential market shifts in the future to do just as well in those times ahead.

This will be a portal of information related to recent press on the advancement of Obesicorp in the field of market research and current events in the field of obesiology, and how those events have a subtle influence on nearly every other market within the domain of publicly traded and private companies.

Most managers and CEO's rely on years of past experience, education, and plain gut instinct when it come to predicting markets and trying to anticipate how certain events will effect the supply side of the economic equation.  This is where our years of pouring over numbers and news releases will help you gain a competitive advantage that simply can't be obtained through any other source.

Just check us out, keep us in mind, and in the future, if you believe your business could use the boost of tried and true methods of market research, let us know, and we will get back to you with how we can work together.